The Startup Cup


                               Questions (and hopefully answers):

When is the next tournament/ event?
Currently Trista has no concrete plans for v2 of a San Francisco Startup Cup. However, she would love to and would love to make v2 bigger and better, but for now she's heading back to the East Coast to finish her masters degree. There was a lot of great feedback and many interested companies so she would love to do it again.
There is some talk of organizing one this fall in NYC, so if your company is interested in sponsoring or participating, please email thestartupcup[at]gmail[dot]com.
And who knows, perhaps she'll be back next year in SF and able to make it an annual event!
When should my team arrive?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your team is scheduled to play. We will need to get you checked in and sorted out, plus you can warm up before you hit the pitch. You are also welcome and encouraged to arrive right at 9, whether you're playing or not so you can get checked in and watch the other matches.

Crocker Amazon Field is right next to John McLaren Park, one of SF's best parks, so if you and your team want to get warmed up early, that park is an excellent place for a morning jog or hike. 

What happens if my team loses in the first round?
Sadly, your team will be out after one loss. It is a short, informal tournament that this year will only allow teams to have once chance at making it to the next round. But stick around to watch the rest of the tournament and cheer on the rest of the teams :)

I want to play but I don't have a team...
If you're in SF and consider yourself part of the startup scene, but don't have team or your company doesn't quite have enough to field a team yet, just shoot us an email and we'll do our very best to match you with another team or form a team of free agents. Fully formed teams/companies are first priority, but we will truly try to gt you involved. 

Is there a limit to how many teams can participate?
We will be limiting the tournament to 12 teams, due to time constraints. Also, if we have 12 teams, one team will be awarded a by going into the final round. Ideally, this team will be awarded this by having scored the most goals throughout the other rounds of the tournament. 

Why aren't you giving us T-Shirts, man, I love free T-Shirts?
We know everyone loves a free tee, but because this is our first year and we're keeping it pretty low budget (you all are startups, you must understand that) we have decided not to get T-Shirts. 
We also think that leaving teams responsible for their jersey is a good way for teams to do some bonding ahead of time and start to get excited for the event. So everyone get together, pick a color [NOT white please], have your designer whip up something clever and intimidating, and show you're company's creativity.

What is the field like and what should I bring for gear?
The field is made of outdoor turf and is half the size of a full field (approx. U-10 size). You cannot wear cleats (and it's not necessary) but you may choose to wear shin-guards if you have them, although they are not required. We will not be providing any soccer or goalie gear at the event. Mouthguards are also encouraged for safety but are not required. And although the tournament is a fun, non-aggressive one, there are still risks associated with playing soccer and you should participate only after fully understanding the risks of participation.

Will there be food?
Yes, there will be some food and water supplied for the event. Chipotle will be providing burritos around lunch time and we will have some granola bars and pastries in the morning. If you would like to donate food to the tournament, please email thestartupcup[at]

Can I sell food at the event?
No, our field permit does not allow any selling of food on the field premises. However, if you are a food cart and would like to set up on the street, please do- you'll have lots of hungry athletes.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, of course, feel free to pack your own picnic food, snacks, drinks, etc. But please be prepared to carry-in, carry-out trash.

Can we bring alcohol/will there be alcohol?
No, unfortunately not. The field permit does not allow the consumption of alcohol on the premises. However, we are right next to McLaren Park which has some wonderful recreation areas, so if you and your team want to pack a cooler and hangout in the park afterwards you can invite your new friends from the tournament to join you and make the event into a whole day affair!

Is the event family friendly?
Sure, there will be no alcohol served at the event, no admission charged, and Crocker Amazon has a lovely playground. Crocker Amazon is also right next to John McLaren Park, which is SF's second biggest park and it is a great hiking location and it has a lovely reservoir for dogs to swim in! So bring some extra stuff and make a whole day of it!

Why did you choose charity: water for the charity to support?
We know there are many worthy causes that can use a helping hand. But we decided to choose one charity to give all the money to and we chose one that we felt everyone in attendance would feel comfortable supporting. Bringing clean, safe water to developing nations is a very important cause in helping these countries and these people make the next steps towards healthy, safe, and sustainable lives. 

Can my team contribute more than $100 to the charity?
Yes, of course. We ask that you pay the first $100 and in the comments field note your team/company name so we know you've paid, then after that your company can contribute more if you wish, you can donate anonymously, or you can encourage coworkers who aren't playing in the tournament to donate on behalf your team!

Why are you using a charity: water campaign where everyone can see the paid amounts?
Because this event is fairly small and somewhat informal, we thought it would be okay to use a charity: water campaign and have the teams use the "comments" field to note their payment, this also allows for a very transparent way of collecting money, it is clearly all going straight to the charity and all the teams and supporters involved in the tournament can watch as our campaign gets closer to the goal amount. 
If your company is uncomfortable using this method, please let us know and we will discuss it with you.

Who made your website?
This website was built using Weebly!

Who designed your awesome logo?
All the credit for our awesome logo goes to Felix Renicks. You can find him at, or contact him on twitter at @
ffffelix. We would highly recommend him!
Seriously, he's good.

Who's behind all of this?

Trista Myers

In San Francisco for the Summer, interning with Weebly, she was inspired by World Cup 2010 spirit and Bjoern's idea of a potential SF startup soccer league to form The Startup Cup. She is the queen of organization and preplanning and she's in charge!

Bjoern Weidlich

Living in NYC for the Summer doing an internship and helping with the tournament from afar, he is the mastermind behind the logistics, the "biz dev," and much of the marketing for the tournament- as well as the tournament's name!